Preparing for the Charge: How to Improve the Parking Experience with Smart EV Charging

Cities and states have begun mandating facilities to offer electric vehicle public charging as a percent of total parking spaces.

With more EVs hitting the road, parking professionals across all industries are considering how they can accommodate the evolving needs of their customers and employees. Those that recognize smart EV charging as not just a solution, but a strategic advantage, will be best positioned to meet the new demand for EV charging. Are you ready for the charge?

In this 45-minute webinar hosted by Andrew Croll, Commercial Sales Manager and VP of Marketing, Elise Benoit of Enel X Way, we’ll cover:

  • How parking operators can deploy new infrastructure economically and sustainably
  • How to attract new customers and improve the visitor parking experience
  • How to leverage utility and state government incentives to reduce the cost of equipment and installation in addition to tips for maximizing your infrastructure investment
  • Regulatory trends parking operators should know about
  • Best practices for implementing EV charging at your facilities