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Designing for the Future with EV Smart Charging

The adoption of electric vehicles in the US has reached a new inflection point. With over 3 million EVs expected to be sold over the next 5 years, new and existing buildings are increasingly being mandated to accommodate EV charging. Due to legislation and standards, new build construction now requires a certain percentage of parking spots to support EV charging with “EV ready” infrastructure in place. Existing buildings now face electrical upgrades at potentially high costs. However, smart EV charging infrastructure can offset operational costs and create additional revenue streams through advanced capabilities such as managed charging, load balancing and participation in demand response programs. Chargers that qualify for utility and state incentive programs also afford a significant advantage in that a large percentage or even all of the equipment and/or installation costs may be covered, limiting financial barriers.

In this webinar with Enel X Way, architects and builders will learn how to navigate the changing landscape of EV charging requirements and implement smart charging infrastructure into their projects.

  • EVSE incentives available to commercial and multi-family buildings
  • Legislation and building codes that are accelerating EV adoption and infrastructure readiness
  • How buildings can benefit from participating in demand management technology and Demand Response programs with smart EV charging stations
  • What do on-site renewable energy and carbon credits have to do with EV charging at my facility?
  • Net-zero building case study with nArchitects 


Amanda Morgan
Principal Architect, nArchitects

David Schlosberg
Vice President, Energy Market Operations, Enel X