Napa Valley College & MCE

Expanding access to EV Charging across campus

MCE and Enel X Way partnered with Napa Valley College to add 8 new Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging ports and replace 4 older ports. The 12 new ports tripled charging access available to campus visitors and reflect Napa Valley College’s larger commitment to sustainability by increasing accessibility to green transportation.

MCE provided $64,000 to help fund the Napa Valley College charging ports. This included $24,000 in rebates and an additional $40,000 as part of MCE’s celebratory efforts to mark their first 10 years in service. Napa Valley College was selected to receive this additional funding due to its high need for charging access as a centrally located public hub.

To learn more about Napa Valley's EV infrastructure strategy, view the video and download the case study.